C.V. So, what is happening?

Hi, thanks for voting in the Play by Poll of C.V., where you are able to choose the strategy, the commands and fight from the comfort of your armchair. While I manage all the rules and the pesky die rolls.

The next decision point we have is to choose what the Task Forces will do. Where will they go? TF#1 pictured above has a few choices.

The may elect to go South West and seek out the Japanese Fleet in conjunction with TF#2. Or continue Westerly and hope to find the IJN CVs early.

Heading NW offers some other choices. Seeking cloud cover and drifting with the Clouds, staying within Fighter/bomber support ranges of Midway. Or heading Further North and waiting to pounce on the Japanese as the inevitably head to Midway.

We have some time for this so relax, and think about it.

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