Busting my Nuts Battle Century XXI


The language translation here is really rough. Some rules are just not understandable.

But some interesting concepts.

Ammo tracking for tanks is an interesting idea…

‘over runs’ or attack from march is a cool execution, Spec Ops,Air (I cant understand the rules nor find the scenario units for BASRA) looks interesting. Engineers, construction, airborne and attack helos…wow.

the down side the rules are a mess, there is no terrain key to map back to the chart ( the map key is in Polish and really small almost unreadable, the scenario setup is goofy and I fear that this is all just a bit too loose.

The counters are super thin… the maps are nice, but seem to be an odd scale.

7 thoughts on “Busting my Nuts Battle Century XXI

    • YES. I found this document you mention AFTER I made these videos. I am about to start the game! Your document is very helpful. I do not understand air power (fixed wing), BASRA says take 1 Lm and 1 SM. I have no SM counters. Plus the sequence of play is not understandable to me. Thank you for watching. I hope this game is fantastic as it seems.

      • You mean US forces? There are air counters (LM 20 and LB 21) and SM (helicopter) units as well – six 227 counters.
        Basra is biggest and probably most compex of all scenarios, I think playing Bartoszyce or Crimea would be better for start.
        What part of sequence of play isn’t understandable for you?

  1. I will admit I am a fan of T&S games. And I will be one of the first to admit that the rules are not as ‘English friendly’ as they could be. Some of the rulesets do take some work to get through to understand. HOWEVER-if you can get through them Ive found them all to be really fun gaming experiences. With mechanics and topics we don’t often see often from Western European and American designers and producers. I will offer this link as it is an English guide to he game that does help explain the system more http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/120428/english-tutorial-game.

    • Just found that yesterday. Been hitting the forums. Now resolving where various factors are..like SP for air. Which while a UK v Iraqi battle has US air which is of course on the US forces table…plus most of the table descriptions are in Polish.

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