4 thoughts on “BTR: Strategy and other considerations for OCS game play

  1. I’ve played this campaign as the German a few times. Done pretty well over all ( one of the OCS play testers played me and resigned in early December). The key ios reserves (never enough markers!) and artillery. You have no bombers to speak of. Having artillery in reserve to break up Allied attacks is vital. The Allies will use some of there air to go after these reserve stacks. Try to place your reserves in terrain where they will get an additional shift left. Keep them to no more than 1 RE if possible. The Allies will think twice about barraging reserve stacks when its 4 or 5 shifts left . Another consideration for the Germans is occasionally barraging Allied reserve stacks with artillery. Really annoys the hell out of your opponent when hes planning an attack in exploitation and you DG his force.

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