BTR: Sept 8th Allied Turn

See prior posts for weather, and Random event details. HERE

The Canadians and Poles arrive, and 12 XXX HQ. Monty does not have enough supply to do much. 3 SP + 1 and change in Brussels really hamper the allies. Every new unit arriving is mech move..doah!

The 53rd and 50th make a Arty supported infantry assault across the canal into Northern Antwerp.

After a superb arty barrage that knocks out a unit entirely the Germans reel, losing a step but hold the city. The 53rd takes the brunt with a step loss.

In the center the Yanks line up and roll up what they can. Near Sedan poor play and thin lines allow independent units and a few break down regiments to isolate a few enemy units.

The US take no chances and barrage pretty heavily. This disrupts the defenders.

Even at 4:1 the Allies odds of taking a loss are low [14.3%]. The winning of surprise seals the deal into a max odds attack that adds +2 DRM for the roll due to AR delta between attacker and defender [4 vs 2]

The 89th Inf Div wipes the floor with the hapless LW breakdown. And earns an e2 exploit.

We clean up and conduct the German turn.

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  1. Hey, Kev,

    I found the OCS Aide on the Gamers OCS support site, but you have the OCS Assistant, where did you get that and what platform does it run on? I found something that is Android specific, but it isn’t what you have. I am intrigued by what it can do and would like to get it.

    Thank you, sir!

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