BTR: Sept 8 Germans [vassal]

Beyond The Rhine continues on Vassal as we sort thru our ‘issues’.


No Flight they earn 11 SP for their supply roll!

Near the Schedlt 3RE use the Beskins Ferry to move to the Estuary and begin digging in. The goal is to hold up the port openings as long as possible, and keep Allied supply limited.

The Germans spend most of the turn either reinforcing and extending the West Wall into Holland (adding Hedgehogs, and pushing more units into weakened areas near Antwerp. In the Forests of the Ardennes the SS begin to rotate units out as the 116th Panzer pulls its units into Namur. Seeking to create a solid line.

The American forces being marshalled by 5th XXX HQ make Lehr and the 2nd Pzr units pull back along the Beauraing- Reconge rail line and secondary road. This leaves some exposure for the Germans to be flanked and seeing 7th XXX element link up with 5th.

Summary shots of the end of turn.

On now to the 12th of September after a little clean up. No air really impacted the Allies this turn and was a boon to the ability of the Germans to move freely and spend heavily on hedgehogs. I’m not seeing a huge difference in the end result here. Losses are lighter for the US /Commonwealth as attacks have been more selective, and Patton and Bradley while more mobile have not really achieved much with the extra SP allocated to them.

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