BTR Sept 5th Germans

Beyond the Rhine continues:

The Germans focus upon the strengthening of defensive positions, and getting units across the Breskins Ferry. TO escape into the Sheldt.

Minor alignments here. We shall await the rash American attacks.

In the South below a minor Hedgehog building effort is undertaken.

Further South near Colmar- Mullheim SS force and LW units take up blocking positions=, while OST Bns perform some gamey efforts to screen the enemy into a preferred channel of approach:

September 8th turn.

Allies win initiative and take it.

The Weather is : None. Bad for the Allies.

Event: Rear Area comb out the US roll a die and add that many pax. – Nice. =5

3 thoughts on “BTR Sept 5th Germans

  1. Germans should fall back quickly in the Ardennes and in the south. Forward defense will lose to many troops you’ll need later on.

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