BTR, opening of the Reboot

So.. umm. Well after that dumb arse mistake regarding Broad Front start dates and as I recounted in my pondering with you in this vid

it would seem appropriate to reboot the scenario. Rather than kill 2-3 hours resetting on the physical big board I’m going to kick it off on Vassal and once we get to Sept 12 ish time frame lets see if it is possible to, adjust back over to the physical board [ Im doubtful, but what the heck!, a few good screen shots will help]. The other side benefit is if that there is not much that is significantly different we can revert back to the board and just roll forward.

So here are the opening positions of both sides

Monty’s lads:


Can Monty force a way across at Antwerp? Will the Canadian and Poles arrive soon enough from fort busting to limit the escape of the enemy over the Breskins Ferry? Monty has 11A, Gd’s A, 4th division and 7th Armoured as well. A formidable force. The Germans have heavily defended the major Canal – the Albert, and Antwerp. German SS panzers and divisions are conducting a fighting retreat to the canal.

Bradley’s force:

Lehr holds the flank of the 1St SS Panzer division and elements of third, as well as remnants of 2nd Panzer. Here 3rd Armoured and further Weskt 2nd Armoured face choices. Do they continue the river crossing near Dinant? Or do they lunge along the Muse , take Namur and head directly for Liege?

7th Armoured, already a tad battered along with limited supply and a rare truck need to decide if they are going to reinforce a possible push into the Ardennes or head for Thionville.

Patton and his boys:

4th Armoured and related units face off against 21st PG, 15th PG, 17th SS PG and related units. The German forces are arrayed from Metz thru Nancy then curving south to Chaumont. In a few days more German units will race thru the Chaumont units fleeing US and French forces.

On to turn 1. September 5th 1944

Random Event: Werewolf – No effect.

C’wealth supply: 4 US: 6

More as it happens

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