Brace yourself…

Ok…so what do we have here?

Some broadly read lads – check, Heavy Metal Music- check, Military Themed discussions-check, RPG, Movie and Book reviews-check, Support  from major publishers -check.

Their first edition touches on Nazi Occultism…ok, moving right along, Catch that Tiger by Nigel Botham Bruce Montague a superb book that I read a synopsis of online, and a review of the Osprey title regarding Thor in the Myths and Legends Series. Excellent.

You want more diverse content than that….Sorry you wont find it here.

Assuming the quality stays as good or better expect to see more of the Claymore Division here. It is also interesting as a side note that I have been home in the USA for too long and not traveled recently, as my ear for accents is fading. You will need to listen carefully to the gents as they talk at a fair clip!

You can do all the usual friending b.s here

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