BnB, Challenging the Bear [WorldatWar] Redux

Here we go with a new plan based upon our previous WaW post This

As you can see I used the same setup from previously. But this time I take shots at range off the bat. 18 hexes. Boom. Even in Improved Positions and with the die mod for extra range the rifled barrels do the job.
But wait, there is more! On the 2nd activation that BMP is toast and the troops move out, firing like rock stars!
They can now move with no real danger unless the Soviets attempt to fire at long range. Rather than do that they close.

2nd BMP bites it. Whilst the Brits are splitting forces they take the chance to get close with the infantry who will need to do the heavy lifting.
HE from teh soviets reduces on Infantry unit and disrupts another. Great strike!
Further firesees one Challenger reduced by the T-80’s and the scout vehicle from the 3QR eats it.
The Tanks now swing over to the other side of the map, taking time to line up the ATGM capable units first.
As forces close the loses mount for the Brits, having taken all the safe shots it is time to got close and personal. Tanks move to overwatch while the Infantry bound in…no smoke.
Heavy fire disrupts a lot of Soviet forces, this is enough to allow a bum rush by the 3rd Queens RegimentA tense round of shooting,where the Brits earn teir stripes at close range but lose one platoon of tanks to effective Soviet fire.
Close assault….ouch, repulsed A second push knocks the Soviets out of the VP location, while the 3QR, HQ and APC collect the right flank VPS un molested. The 2nd Challenger platoon is reduced, but it is too late. The Brits hang on, capture the objectives and drive in for the win.  A very different ending to our first play. That will teach us all a lesson to assess CAREFULLY your force mix prior to racing off glibly to waste your troops lives and fighting effectiveness.  A very fine scenario…AGAIN.

2 thoughts on “BnB, Challenging the Bear [WorldatWar] Redux

  1. A great demonstration of how to use your troops properly. I have seen the same problem in first person shooters – everyone is anxious to rush right in, even when there is no time limit.

    • Indeed. I wanted to do this, as it shows that even with experienced players it is easy to forget the mission, and the ‘correct’ or at least ideal approach to any tactical situation, Assess your forces, their forces, approaches, fire lanes etc and go for it.

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