Bloody Ridge

Well I am going to be playing BloodyRidge live via VASSAL with a new friend.

Should be interesting.

I pulled the rules and map out.

I wonder which side would be best to learn on? i.e. should I let him be Japanese or American?

As you can see the map is mostly restricted Jungle and this bad boy happens at night.  Not sure how helpful this will be.  the Japs have a tough time, just based on time it takes to get on objective, then they need to succeed at close assaulting whilst staying in move mode.

They do obtain a Banzai bonus. Which is nice.

If you were teaching TCS , which side would you take to teach with?

4 thoughts on “Bloody Ridge

  1. I suppose I would have him be the Marines, with you advising him on good tactics so it isn’t a walkover because he forgot something simple. You might want play without any hidden movement, if the Vassal mod allows that.

    In some games they advise giving a newbie the more active side, but here with the closed terrain and the presumed high body count the Japanese will suffer even if winning this might be an exception to that rule.

    If you want to show him the difference in playing the Japanese you can run through an example assault if nothing in the game illustrated it well enough.

    • That is what I was thinking. This is at night. So, hopefully he can get some SFA and Opp fire in up close. Then we will be going thru close assault several times. should be fun tho.

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