Bloody Monday Rules

A Bloody Mess or a Bloody Masterpiece? 

Sometimes when you suggest to a person to try a game you are imposing your subjective preference for it versus objective truth (if there is such a thing in our world). It is often hard not to be wary of recommendations or to be wary of giving them. Which is why there are no real reviews here. Just impressions, no scores etc. This is a bit awkward to do then given the opening statement.

Kickstarter backers of Bloody Monday just received a early draft of the rules for the game.

Now it would be easy to waffle on for a long time here and build reader suspense and engage you in metaphors.

That is bullshit. I don’t have time for it this morning.

Lets attempt to drive to the point.

There are some minor areas that require clarification in the rules. The current draft has no pictures or deep examples. Yet in 7 pages the game is laid out before you with jaw dropping clarity. This may well be the best set of rules from Vento Nuovo ever.  Yep. Ever.

If there is an area of concern some players share here with VN games  it is the rules writing, the lack of said clarity and muddy result. Despite pretty pictures and lots of words. These rules are lean, sparse and very clear. Bloody marvelous.

One read through, and my brow crease relaxed, my sphincter un-clenched….oops. Just when I get nervous. 🙂 . The shoulders dropped. He did it!

The blending of the Waterloo 200 system with the Moscow 41 Logistic Value concept and a few other items is especially smart.  Maybe it is just bloody Saturday morning and and the coffee has not sunk in yet. Or perhaps Emanuele and his team are just the best block game designers on the Bloody Planet!

Get the game.

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