Blood on the Alma p3

Part 3 of Alexey’s great AAR.


French-Turk Movement Phase

French continue move to close to Russians.

French Artillery Phase

Accurate French shots eliminated Russian unit.

Russian Movement Phase

French Combat Phase

Minie Attack inflicted losses among Russian soldiers but next French assault was failed. French infantry suffered one step losses and retreated (AC/R).

Russian Artillery Phase

Artillery shows again that this excellent weapon against infantry. Heavy, very heavy casualties. Frontal attacks are useless.

British Activation Phase

First chit “Cambridge” has been drawn. But British need second chit. Need it very much!

Russian Combat Phase

Russian Cavalry used bonuses for attacks on infantries. French unit is eliminated in clear field.

Overview at the end of turn 4.


Russians are ready for last battles for hill.

French Minie Attack spreaded panic among Russian Cavalry and adjacent artillery battery.

Russian artillery missed shots on left flank but Redoubts artillery and horse-artillery was more accurate.

British has got 2 chit “Cambridge”. But where chit “1” now?

Overview at the end of turn 5


Russians have tough defence against French attacks but Turks took part in combat first time and eliminated them.

Russian artillery shots, and shots, and shots…

Allied lost 28 steps now. Russians have Morale “2” and 30 eliminated Allied steps will be enough for Russian Victory.


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