Block in Afrika World Wide Cover Art Reveal ‘Exclusivo’


You can click through on this image to see more details.

Now. Thanks first to Emanuele over at Vento Nuovo games.

This game is going to be available soon for a short pre order.  I am excited as this title brings the 2 others; Blocks in the East and Blocks in the West together, with complete optional Naval rules, a new Strategy map and Campaign games to combine all the titles.


VN has always done some thing clever, thoughtful, often with dual meaning and even hidden little known factoids for all its covers.  This is no exception. I will leave you to work those elements out and leave you to opine on what it might all mean? Isn’t art cool!

Note: If you are participating in the competition to guess the REgiment and Division of the units depicted please post your guess in the comments.


25 thoughts on “Block in Afrika World Wide Cover Art Reveal ‘Exclusivo’

  1. 32 Reggimento Carristi / 132. Divisione Corazzata Ariete (32 tank reginent / 132 tank division Ariete)

  2. Hi,
    nice idea for a contest. 🙂
    I would opt for
    8th Bersaglieri motorised infantry regiment, 132nd Armoured Division Ariete


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  4. Hi,

    just getting curious when there will be the solution. Did anybody guees it right? Who is the winner?


  5. Hi Carsten yes we have a winner. I believe
    . I am awaiting to hear form Emanuele who is out of communication until monday.

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