Bitter War, Healing Peace

In the turbulence that drives and divides our current affairs with outlandish, savage, rhetoric filled nonsense it was with great surprise  and pleasure to see some images that are touching, healing and hope filled.

japan reunion

The Japanese man seated provided aid and food to our crash landed pilot. He was 14 at the time.

All of us could aspire to be better. Left or Right, Open or Closed….WTF am I talking about?

Japan is hosting survivors of WWI POW camps who were tortured by the IJA in Japan. The US Ambassador to Japan is there, so is my Father in Law. He is the Shepard for the man in this picture a shot down pilot. They then went to the Japanese Parliament and met the Prime Minister:

IMG_2376 (1)

On their 1st class all expenses paid trip the Pilots invited the Veteran to the cockpit and let him fly a while. Noting he had more flying hours than the entire flight crew combined!

So they figured he was probably ok to handle the stick!


Veteran Heroes and Embassy Staff + assorted Brass

My point here is perhaps 70-80 years from now we will look back on the errors, the opportunities and the enemy and embrace them as they embrace or will hopefully embrace us; as fellow kind first, race, religion, politics and power seekers last.

We must fight the good fight, do what is necessary to protect our precious ones and yet somehow reach across divides, wounds and politicians to secure a peaceful accord and live with one another in more harmonious ways.

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