Poll #1 for Big Board Giveaway

Hi gang.
We are giving away a copy of Blocks in the East and West!



Watch the video at this post , and answer this simple question:

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Poll Results:
Which city/cities are "potentially" required to be captured to enable VC fulfillment in 1941?

ok.. so that is it. EASY!  [EDIT I cant believe I have to give a hint this early. Those that are voting other…..the answers are in front of you and in the video!!! ]

Correct answers after all questions are posted go into a random draw to win $140 worth of gaming goodness.


The BigBoard will pay the first $20.00 US of shipping. The balance to be paid by the winner.

Winners have 24 hours to confirm their intention to pay shipping and provide a valid address for shipping estimation.

Payment for shipping must be received prior to shipment.

Registering as a follower on the blog guarantees you are counted. You may vote and not register, but if you dont leave a comment below and I cant identify you then you miss out.

This is fun, lighten up, if a mistake is made, The Big Board reserves the right to change the rules, cancel the giveaway at any time or generally be an annoying so and so as it sees fit.


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