BigBoard Gaming Update!

2014-07-13 21.12.50

Two or 3 weeks ago I posted these images seeking your input upon next games to play. Firstly thanks for the Great comments here and on G+.

2014-07-13 21.12.30


I now have a session of TME II underway via VASSAL. I played two scenarios of DoH’s last week Face to Face and I just finished setting up Reluctant Enemies with a new friend Chris T to play via VASSAL also. Here is a shot of where I think he might try to land his commandos!


Tomorrow I play a learning scenario of Carthage! Whoot!

2014-07-22 16.07.42

In the mean time my play of The Supreme Commander is being delayed due to my changing settings in the VASSAL module. It has taken me 2 days and 80 dollars worth of consulting time on site to sort it. UGHHHHH.

FIXED. So we resume that game next week.


I have the new Panzer Expansion 3 set up… I know I could not help my self! I had to see how a Tiger would handle those British Fireflies!

2014-07-29 19.08.45


The Fireflies and  Cromwells are coming for Wittmann.

So what is missing? CFS…. yes. I have a post about this set of 3 games. I quit, more out of frustration with how sticky the counters were (they are covered in plastic) than the game, but I also was more than a little disappointed with the game play versus the Pro Soviet hype. I quickly realized this was going to go no where fast. I will be choosing the next WWIII hypothetical title in a month or two. I need a break from the same old units in the woods of Germany!

On a more up beat note, I have the map for Devils Cauldron setup, I need to sort counters and begin play in a week or so of a learning scenario! Yes I will finally play this darn game.

2014-07-14 14.36.15

Adam Starkweather is sending me a copy of the DDAY title for a group of us to try, so I better get some solid understanding going ASAP! ..ahem.

Meanwhile the Monster lies in wait….it is December 26th Soviet Turn and Case Blue/GBII beckons me. I really need to finish up the month and work out if I am continuing thru January ’42 in our Chronological Walk thru of WWII.

Finally on Friday I will play Dien Bien Phu from MMP for the first time with a buddy. I’m downloading the rules tomorrow.

Areas that are languishing are the Napoleonic and Ancients periods. I have been too chicken to pull the trigger on La Bat – Talavera to compare against NBS.

Nor have I been able to find the room to setup LAst Chance for Victory – although I do have a scenario picked out to use to compare with This Hallowed Ground in a Side by Side effort!

2014-05-26 13.55.23




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