Bibracte 58 B.C. Intro

Introduction for Caesars first battle as General. We skip forward into Caesars time as Consul in Gaul for a look at his first major conflict against the Gauls and his first real campaign as leader and General.

The Helvettii had migrated en mass through vassal states land. This was cause enough for Caesar to begin a campaign, and deny safe passage to the fierce race. Various sources place upwards of 200k people in this ‘caravan’. Caesar’s forces rushed from their makeshift camp a few miles from Bibracte as they realized the enemy was not parading, but actually advancing.

Caesar has significant command and control advantages here over the loose fighting style of the Gauls in general.

There is a twist to this battle which we will see.

However overall the forces of Rome were superior in arms, tactics, and discipline.

The next two videos should capture that and any surprises.

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