Beda Fomm

Game play images and high level overview.

Some interesting elements are presented for the gamer to chew on in this little gem. Entering a ZOC of course stops you cold. But Inf cannot even enter Armour ZOCs! Unless they are stacked with a carrier or Armour. Every body resolves combats on a CRT against a morale roll with 2d6. Fails against that roll cause a retreat on a 1,2,3 or if you roll 4 or more on 1d6 follow on roll you are eliminated. Eliminations adjust the track sides morale track down 1. This makes future rolls against morale harder.

The Sequence of play: MOVE/BARRAGE/AT Guns/COMBAT.

So a little novelty to the process and one that seems to capture some of the ebb and flow and impact of arty from this battle, which differs from traditional opening barrages, or final defensive fires.

Combat is pretty straight forward affair with some tweaks around armour and units stacked with armour and subsequent DRMS or column shift for terrain etc. All attacks are declared in advance. Notably the scenario forces the ambush to happen. Units move along the road until they enter the ZOC of a British unit and all units must move 6 MP.

So that is a sneak peek at some minor nuances. Then you have the fun of a game dedicated to the meeting engagement! A rarity.

Please see Video for full game system assessment. [link ]

Above shows in an image the open stages of the historical action.

2nd Royal Tank interposed themselves to slow the Italian escape, while 4th armoured prepared to attack the flanks.

On the 7th in the early hours, Italian and Commonwealth forces attack and counter attack.  The Aussies arrive. This is enough to force anyone to surrender! Well that’s my version of the history any way!


In any case here is the game play and some notes.

Combs Group is a motley crew of light tanks and infantry. On Feb 5th at Noon the Italians  enter in column formation at 17.18. The Brits navigate tough terrain and end up East of the main thru road. Comb’s force puts armoured cars on the hill and 11th Hussars move up also.

Infantry units, B & C Companies move along secondary road /trail to 1619. A coy moves to flank. KDG and D Co. move to the Mosque:


Sabratha move on board. Colpani stops at 11th Hussar location and traffic backs up.

Barrages fail to connect.

The British move KDG & D Coy to block the cross roads north of the Mosque. 11th Hussar and B&C company attack the head of the It. Column. Company A is adjacent to It. Arty, this negates defensive fire capability of the Italians.

In the Barrage phase the It barrage and pound on 11th Hussar to no avail, as they pass thier morale check.

Brits attack, @ 11v2 with inflicting a morale check and the AT guns are taken out!


Battery c/4 supports A Coy and 2R/Bde as it more Italians arrive. The Italian 11/85 Sabratha attacks. 1/85 looks to setup a perimeter at the Pimple [map location].  The Italian attack ends up being a 1:1 and results in NE.

The Brits block the roads with Interdiction attacks from Arty. No attack and no barrages.


Red Block denotes Interdiction.


[ugh arty cont go in undulation type terrain]… Allegri come streaming onto the map. IT’s Barrage! NE. Brits spend the turn moving for better position.


Italians [IT] now spread out, but Brits counter and attack Allegri with Co. A & D + Kings Dragoon Guard [KDG] inflicting a DM+1 which the IT [Italians]  fail and are eliminated.



At this time its looking grim. Italian attack bounce off the Brits. The IT attempt to exit move by heading cross country.

British use 2nd Royal Tank and push thru Beda Fomm to 1718 [ on the major road]. 3rd Hussar race to cut off the coastal exit efforts being held by 11th Hussar. KDG and C Coy attack transports to no effect. 7th hussar reinforces from Pimble.




[Correct a play error, with Inf in an armoured eZOC].

Italians send Babini to try and mount an attack. But cannot get good enough odds. The Brits to likewise and manage a 4:1 attack generating a DM+1 chck.

7PM & 8PM – modest flank attempts. during dark.



Feb 8th 0700


Troops rally up to try to break thru, and the best odds are 1:1:




Combs forces make a meal out of the Italians.

Fix, Flank..Finish…

We declare the Commonwealth the winners.

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