2 thoughts on “BCS Last Blitzkrieg Turn 3 comments [part 1]

  1. I’m playing the KG Peiper scenario too, and i’m early in my 18 December turn.
    My recommendations:
    1. I realize you need to play on the tabletop to make the videos — but for those watching at home, I highly recommend using VASSAL the first few times if you’re learning the game. Resets are painless, and you can step back through your log files anytime to see where you went wrong, so you can correct a critical error without scrapping the whole game.
    2. My pep talk: Kev, you need to find your fighting spirit! You’re playing Peiper, the human blowtorch. You’ve been given the best equipment and practically all the armored punch left in this army. Your orders are to drive like hell for the Meuse and forget your flanks. You’ve only got 5 turns in this scenario, and Peiper starts already behind schedule. Don’t start hand-wringing now and hesitating to tidy things up. Sure, it sucks to see the chaotic command-control and logistics situation cost you a few DRMs to SNAFU rolls. Embrace the suck. Most of the time Peiper can handle those and still manage to make progress. Do you think Peiper would let a couple of isolation step losses in one battalion bother him? Take them and keep driving. If it helps you accept the losses, Imagine they were srafed by jabos, broke down, or ran out of gas. These things often happened. They probably won’t matter much in the larger scheme of things.
    3. Alternatively, cut yourself some slack and undo that unit’s move to put it back into command radius, since you’re still learning and you wouldn’t have done it if you were more familiar with the rules (besides, this is one of the best things about playing solo — there’s no human opponent to accuse you of cheating!)
    4. Have some fun.

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