Battle Story /4

LNL: Honneur & Patrie

Scenario: Relief

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Mid Turn 5

“He is approaching the bridge”. Said Philippe.

“Wait”. Was the terse reply from Nicolas.

“We should shoot now,”.



“Phillipe you talk more than my mother. Shut up.” Nicolas rumbled, with a threatening tone in his voice.

” It is on the bridge shall I shoot now?”

“Wait”. Nicolas cast about urgently. Who could he pay to shoot that talkative bitch?

Turning back to the T-64 he could see it begin to slow and angle for the exit off the bridge. Placing its weaker flank armor directly at Phillipe and his LRAC.


“Now?”. said Phillippe.


“But you just said wait?”.

Elite French troops, could be hell to manage. These were the best of what was not dead. These were the ones who got away when the war started…..

“Shoot that tank now while it is turned side on to you, you fool”.

As the last words left his mouth he saw the tell tale explosion of propellent and the stubby missile was on its way. Sadly for the Soviet tank commander who was buttoned up, he would not see anything. Ever again.

Philippe casually slung the LRAC over his shoulder and started to gather his gear. The others followed suit.

The light and heat from the blast hustled them along.

Nicolas was looking down the road past the smoke of the wrecked vehicles. Were there more?

Yes! He could hear them them above the secondary explosions. A T-80 and transports most likely he thought.

“Wait”. squawked in Philippe’s head set. He kept moving. “Wait.”. Came the voice again.

“Non, we go to another place to shoot.”.

“Non. Stay there, I see another tank”.

“I’m not staying here.”.


“It is suicide….it is crazy.”


“You shoot it.”.

They took a knee. Philleppe turned toward the bridge. Straining to see. Too many he thought too damn many.

Nicolas said ” You have support from the 10P’s , focus on the troop transports. We hold here for France”.

“Merde.”. Was the reply.

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