Battle of Stamford Bridge



The first to try and seize the crown and invade England was Harald Hardrada of Norway. He was helped by Harold’s brother Tostig, who was exiled from England.

Harald Hardrada and Tostig landed with a massive army of over 8,000 Norwegians in the North of England. They took York and declared Harald Hardrada King of England.

On hearing of the Viking (Norse) invasion, Harold Godwinson quickly gathered what men he could and marched 187 miles north to face him. They marched 37 – 45 miles a day, going as fast as they could and carryng their heavy kit with them.

The two armies met at Stamford Bridge, just outside York, on 25 September 1066. It was a bloody battle and one in which Harold’s army (the Saxons) broke through the Viking invaders front line to go on and win the battle.



So shall we examine how the game plays and what transpire in in the Shields and Swords version of Stamford Bridge!?

– Note images are in reverse order…sigh. Please click the Right most circle for chrono order.

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In turn 4 the Viking decide to counter attack, since they are isolated and wont be able to retreat.

2015-03-19 16.09.35


Just a horrible crop of rolls. Then I realize there is an alternate option. They can form a Shield Wall. So we actually do that instead.

The one thing I find a bit unusual here is the lack of any command and control. It is usually a fairly important aspect of this era. As losses mount for the Vikings their is an abstracted leadership aspect presented.

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By presenting the SW in Turn 4, this leaves Turn 5 for the Saxons to be either a move or a Pitched battle. This PB is the only way to negate the SW. The Saxons get lucky and roll well again.

2015-03-19 16.14.03

Knocking the reduced unit out and reducing one more. While on the far right they far less favourably with an Exchange.


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