Battle of Siga212 B.C. Siga; Scipios sycophant, Syphax surprises Hasdrubal!

Siga; Scipios sycophant, Syphax surprises Hasdrubal! 

The Battle of Siga 212 B.C.

One of the last battles of the Syhpax led rebellion against Carthage.

The AAR is going to be short as the vid brings it to life better than words can. There are some cool new units, new leaders and generally speaking this is a good looking battle. [see video by searching for Siga!]

New Hasdrubal counter

Suffice to say for those that love ancients and love SPQR you will note some poor tactical choices.

We can say or put this down to battle fatigue, field combat induced stress or just being too tired to realize your error and then it hits you! BOOM. Do you delete 30 pictures and re do the turn or live with the error.

An example of poor play choices by Carthage
I decided it added a sense of reality to our fun Campaign. I can imagine Hasdrubal, weary from his journey back from Spain to put down the Syphax rebellion, making errors. I can see Tycheaus trying to impress and making errors of judgment for his age.

So. Here it is. There is a lot of initial maneuvering, as you will see. Carthage is slated to win this one. Carthage has 90 RP’s, Rome/Rebels 95.

The Rebels attack early and often killing four LI’s with their new Legions and desert troops. Hasdrubal smiles wryly.

He seizes on successive turns.
He has seen these tactics before in Spain. Carthage’s Elephants and SK’s move wide to block Syphaxs RW Light Cav sweep.

R:5 C:20

The Rebels led by Statorius advance quickly seeking the fight and leaning toward the left wing (LW). They punish the Medium troops and get some early licks in on the Phalanxes. Seeing the Carthage African Elephants dislocating their cavalry they know time is of the essence.

Tycheaus a veteran of Elephant combat evades the Elephants and retreats towards the enemy lines. His command is split, but he rejoins in the rear of the Skirmishers, and the Medium Infantry advancing and threatening his already hard pressed Legionary comrades.

R:20 C:20

Cavalry on both sides engage heavily, Manissa attacks, Tychaeus attacks, the Carthage Lancers slam into the Left Wing of the Rebels, hoping for a quick kill and a shattering of the line.

Things done pan out so well and the Lancers find themselves trapped between Light Infantry and Vamina’s Light Cav in the rear. its a bad situation.

R31 C 48

Hasdrubal calmly casts about, he orders his troops forward and encourages the RW and the elephants to sweep deep and attack the Triarii, and rear of the Rebels.

R 48 C48

He turns too late to see Tycheaus leading two units of cavalry into his already disjointed left most Phalanx, it collapses as does the central unit.

R 53 C 81

Hasdrubal summons what is left of his army and flees the field.

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