Battle of Britain – Reproducing ALL models post shipping!

BoB is Richard Borgs remastered WWII mini game of the air war over England! It is shipping shortly… But wait.

The models are not up to snuff!

Assuming this all goes well, this would have to be one of the largest re do’s/recall/re prints that I’ve heard of in Wargame land.

Over 1,000 backers will receive their game with sub par components according to the owners.

However these parts will be replaced by re crafting and re making ALL 1000 copies plastic model inserts [20 models per game at last count]! Whatever profit margin was made on this 90k pounds sterling raise just flew out the door on a Rolls Royce engine.

From the kickstarter news update:

“Ok chaps, I have to bite the bullet – whereas the main paper and card components are great, I have got the plastic wrong for the miniatures.

I cannot sticking plaster it.

I made the wrong decision with the too pliable plastic and the wrong decision with the manufacturer.

[I think this means stickers wont stick? OR the models are soft and wonky?]-Editor


I apologise to everyone for these wrong decisions I made.

It does not sit right with me that the game is not as good as it should be and the quality is not 100%.

It is a fantastic game and deserves the best possible plastic miniature planes.

My plan is this:-

I am going to rework and upgrade all the plastic planes with a different, reliable manufacturer (they do work for CMON, Games Workshop, Asmodee, Cryptozoic and Flying Frog Productions) in a robust but quality plastic.

We will continue to ship everyone a game now with “wonky” plastic plus all stretch goals (except the bonus kit – another story involving customs! If you do not get one now you will with the new plastic planes). At least you can get a few hours on your logbooks!

We will then ship you all a free set of new, improved plastic planes at no extra to you when they have been tooled and moulded – to be confirmed but March 2018 seems likely. Basically it will be as soon as possible – we had not planned on this so will take time to re-tool and mould. We will also send add-on plane packs at the same time.


Rest assured, everyone must know that if we get it wrong, we will rectify things.

Best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Battle of Britain – Reproducing ALL models post shipping!

    • To be clearer, “I cannot sticking plaster it” is literally “I cannot fix this with a band-aid”.

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