Battle for Odani Castle details

Nagamasa and his men marched thru the morning fog to surprise the Cocky Oda clan. Despite the odds, the men had faith in their Daiymo. Surely he would lead them to victory!

Nagamasa was not so sure. After a ritual cleansing the night before he had not slept well. Fear gripped his heart. Certainly not fear of death. No. Fear of failure. The dishonour he would visit upon his ancestors was proving to be a weight he perhaps could not near.

Thru the mist down the hill he saw his Ashigauru’s Nobori-bata blue and gold mon hanging limply in the wet air.

His soul said to not waste his men in this fruitless task. Perhaps the Portuguese Monks were finally wearing him down with their talk of one true God.. “Bah” he said out loud. Retainers turned to him for instruction. He laughed and waved them away. He relaxed, finally.

Nagamasa sent his sole cavalry detachment over the hill on the right flank seeking a quick strike at Nobunaga himself, whilst on the left his best Samurai stood ready to charge the right flank of the enemy. The solo Teppo unit screened the rest of the men.

These weapons of flame and steel were a devil if you had less and a Godsend if you had plenty. ODa clan had over 30,000 Teppo soldiers. An army of Peasants, who killed indiscriminately his and the other clans nobility and bravest warriors. The primitive rounds penetrated the finely hued and lacquered armour. Shattering it and driving it into the bodies of the Samurai.

He could hear the shouts of warning in the distance. Echoing of his valley. The enemy was aware he was coming. His little force of some 2,000 men versus just one small army of the Oda clan, but numbering nearly 5,000!

As the Asai clan forces approached they saw in the distance A long triple line of Teppo fighters, quickly running into position. The first volleys were all high and wide of the mark. They targeted Asai Clan’s own precious Teppo bearers. Who wilted under the fire in their light smocks.

The Ashigaru were enraged with passion, for home, hearth and honor. They charged into the Teppo screen, with a mighty roar, sweeping all before them.

Seeking to capitalize on this Nagamasa seized the opportunity [trump success on a 0!] and crashed into the rest of the Teppo and approaching line. Many died, and Asai clan took losses and their formations lost cohesiveness among the fleeing Teppo warriors.

The Oda Bosho re-ordered his lines and moved forward aggressively. He saw the disorder of the fools on the sodden field and signaled the general advance. Confidently leaving two contingents to guard the Honjin with Cavalry.

Nobunaga saw this and ordered his personal Samurai to sweep to the left in the hope of crushing the Asai quickly. Asai warriors fought his his Samurai to a stand still! Nagamasa saw Odas cavalry leave the Honjin he countered with his own! He felt and heard the crush of horse and man.

Nobunaga was closer now. Asai clan drove all before them. It was then that the Asai clan Samurai charged out from behind the Ashigaru and sent the fragile Kibamusha Hatamoto reeling. The Oda clan Bosho Nobumori rallied his men and charged back into the fray.

His men were no match today however. [A second zero roll seals the fate of Oda Clan].  Trumping ever action of Nobunaga his men carried forward, a strong breeze developed. Clearing the fog and exposing the carnage. Nagamasa called a halt, as the foot soldiers of Oda clan fled. He feared a trap.

Honour secured. He formed up his men and marched them back up to Odani Castle. Last to leave he stood from his camp stool and gave a cursory bow in the direction of Nobunaga’s Honjin. Knowing that he would not seeing it, but he would certainly be told. Itwill enrage him thought Nagamasa.

He smiled for the second time that day.

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