Battle for Normandy Operation Totalize

Please free free to grab this file, check my work and let me know if it is close to accurate [ you need the scenario book !!:)]. I am unclear on exact config of the map. But will check it against the expansion map physically shortly.  This Vassal file is for the opening of Operation Totalize scenario 13.0.



Here is a smidge of background from wiki… I know.. but im weary. Someone here must have a good source for this yes?

Operation Totalize (also spelled “Operation Totalise” in some more recent British sources) was an offensive launched by Allied troops of the First Canadian Army during the later stages of Operation Overlord, from 8 to 13 August 1944.[d]The intention was to break through the German defences south of Caen on the eastern flank of the Allied positions in Normandy and exploit success by driving south to capture the high ground north of the city of Falaise. The goal was to precipitate the collapse of the entire German front, and cut off the retreat of German forces fighting American and British armies further west. The battle is considered the inaugural operation of the First Canadian Army, which had been formally activated on 23 July.[7]

In the early hours of 8 August 1944, II Canadian Corps launched the attack using mechanized infantry. They broke through the German front lines and captured vital positions deep in the German defences. It was intended that two fresh armoured divisions would continue the attack, but some hesitancy by these two comparatively inexperienced divisions and German armoured counter-attacks slowed the offensive. Having advanced 9 mi (14 km), the Allies were halted 7 mi (11 km) north of Falaise, and forced to prepare a fresh attack.[5]

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