Battle for Heinersheid Bloody 110 TCS

Well I just finished the scenario and filming and editing. Looks pretty good.

I’m going to hold posting for a bit as I have posted a lot the last 2-3 days.

The video is nearly 50 minutes long at 250% speed up. For ten turns.

I think an hour a turn is going to be an unrealistic expectation with larger games. 4-6 stacks took nearly that long. Yikes!  

A 70-170 turn game is going to run a loooooonnng time. 

Bloody 110 brings the historicity out accurately and does a fair job of representing the feel of WWII combat, the one thing I am beginning to realize in scenario design is timing is crucial.  

If that scenario was 2 turns shorter, it could have been no fun. 2 turns longer and well, it would have allowed some foot dragging. Although there is not much for the US player to do in any case.

Onwards and upwards. I think I may break out CC. I had been waiting ever so patiently for CC New Guinea to turn up. It appears my copy is AWOL.

Its either that or a nice complex scenario of Infidel.

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