3 thoughts on “Band of Brothers – Tiger Hunting

  1. Damn it, I say in the video, and damn it say again, ‘cos we missed a key Band of Brothers rule in that game play: Final Opportunity Fire. Unlike some tactical games, in BoB a unit that has been activated/used (as it moved/fired) can go for Final Opportunity Fire when an enemy unit moves adjacent. To be sure, this a bit less effective but still can be pretty damaging against units coming up close in Open Ground. In the video, the Tiger tank could have gone for Final Opportunity Fire versus the Russian T34 or the two Russian squads. Shucks! Chances are the Tiger would’ve come out on top. Exuberance sometimes has me rushing in without applying the rules properly.

  2. I see. so I found the fact that the Soviet infantry raced at the tank noble, but even after a suppression they still get to go at the tank post Morale check… FpF makes more sense then!

    • Yep, the FPF or Final Opportunity Fire is one of the strengths of BoB. I know how to apply it with infantry but am clearly still learning with tanks. Trouble is I played ASL for so long and it didn’t have this mechanic for tanks…Doh!

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