AVL 7/8/

The hell that is the eastern front.

Turn 7 Opening.

the Soviets are not pushing hard enough, and have really achieved limited gains. The play by both sides has been atypical of what I would have expected.

As I mentioned last post this STAVKA business ticks me off. It is not as impactful as I thought, but once you get comfortable, moving just a few units the need to move EVERY unit in an impulse is annoying. Clearly having a bit of war game fatigue here.

In turn 8 the Soviets close up, but the Germans inch away, trading space for time.  They (I) sense victory, no need to go toe to toe on this one.

Stalino is well safe. at the end of turn 8.


As we can see from the above by Turn 8 the Soviet armies are too far from Stalino to make an impact. Their game is over.


Coming to grips with the turn mechanism is not hard.

Coming to grips with movement for some reason was a challenge for me.

Establishing my comfortable with the combat resolution and supply was ok.

The map felt dry and a bit dull to me.

The counters are kind of bland.

I was expecting a much more dynamic game play. It for sure needs another play or two to ‘learn’ as I was clearly doing something very wrong.

Oh and if you do play or pick up this title make sure to download all the attendant play aids that reside on BGG for it. Well worthwhile.  IF I get a chance I shall post some links to them soon.


I am now cautiously eyeing A Victory Denied.


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  1. I couldn’t tell if you were solitairing the game but I think playing a ‘live one’ really makes a difference in this game. AVL is definitely worth a second look, and a third… and a fourth! PS: Did you use any special sort of lens or lighting for your pictures? Mine always come out lame. =(

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