AVD Replay Turn 5 part2/2


Third chit is ART soviet DR=1 NO ART Fourth chit is Air Power German player recovers STUKA Fifth chit is Timoshenko

After movement.

After combat

Combats southeast of Mogilev are no effect and loss of one elite unit. No 10’s!

Sixth chit is 21Army

After movement.

Seventh chit is SUPPLY

German 10Pz, 3Pz, 7Pz, 29 Mot, 14Mot (-), SSReich OOS

Eighth chit is 9th Army

After movement

After combat.

German attack on Mogilev was risky but necessary. Only got DR result.

Tenth chit is 3PzGrp.

After movement.

The attack on VYAZMA yields no result and all units stay in the same positions.

The final activation is Guderian for 2PzGrp.

After movement.

German tries to clear Spas Demensk.

20Army HQ relocates to Sukinichi

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