AVD AAR Turn 4 p2

Sixth chit is 21Army.

Soviet player attacks at Rogachev.

Soviets roll 10! pick up 4-3-6 T34

Seventh chit is SUPPLY and german trumps with Guderian to avoid additional

mobile units out of supply.

2PzGrp activates.

German player goes after Yelnya and Spas Demensk.

Attacks as shown.

16Army HQ relocates 3138

Eighth chit is SUPPLY German 10Pz, 3Pz, 7Pz, 29 Mot OOS

Ninth chit is REINF : PVO to Vyazma, 3-4-6 KV1 to Timoshenko HQ

24Army HQ + COMMAND CHIT Moscow 3×3-4 Moscow

DR for “*” Reinforcements = 3

Tenth chit is 24A.

After movement.

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