AVD AAR Turn 3 p2

Fourth chit is 21Army.

After movement.

Soviet advances 63 3-4 into Mogilev and reveals 7VP chit back to Soviet side. Repositioning Timoshenko regains 2 3-4’s to command range.

Fifth chit is SUPPLY.

Soviet player places 10Pz and 3Pz OOS. 3 Out of command soviet 3-4 north of Dvina River are disbanded.

Sixth chit is Air Power. German player recovers STUKA

Seventh chit is 13Army.

Soviet 334 recovers Safonovo with 3VP chit.

Eighth chit is Timoshenko.

After movement

Ninth chit is REINF: PVO to Mogilev, 3-4 Elite adjacent to 21Army HQ,

3-4 to Vyazma , 3-4 to Sukinichi ,3-2-6 adjacent to Timoshenko.

German player releases 2 HQ’s from Minsk Pocket and pays for 2 9th Army Command Chits.

Tenth chit is 9th Army

After movement.

Tenth chit is 9th Army.

After movement, combats shown by arrows.

After combat.

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