Avalanche Press

Avalanche brings a swag of goodies into reprint for $20.00 a pop?

If you like Panzer Grenadier tactical level combat this might be worth a look! Not an endorsement as I have not yet played this system…but I might at this price. Better read the fine print first!



Oh….You do need: “It is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of Eastern Front to play most of the scenarios, and Road to Berlin to play all of them. This is a book supplement complete with a full set of die-cut and mounted pieces.” in order to play. Which unfortunately is $80…..oh there goes the wind from my sales..LOL. SAILS…:(

Well, I guess if you have the other titles and don’t have these then may this is a sweet deal? EF has 600+ bits and 8 map boards so its a large game.

A nice bundle would be the titles all tucked together for new players, at some sort of introductory price.

It does not seem to matter much in LNL worlds, so this Eastern Front is an alternative.



2 thoughts on “Avalanche Press

    • Good to know. Didn’t you do a play thru of all the PG scenarios Roger? I was just lamenting the discount, as it really is just for those that already own the game core module required. I was hoping to buy some ‘stuff’ at a discount to do some further comparison of tactical titles.

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