Austerlitz Turn 0700 French [play by poll]



French forces expose the Allied troops in Pratzen, who are moving thru Westwards.

They prepare to attack and expose their formations. To the South as yet unidentified French units form up in a line. It appears Pratzen is being encircled.

Kollowrath hears the thunder of hooves thru the echoing fog to the North of Pratzen. The ground trembles. ” Aide !!” he calls somewhat shrilly. “Send a runner to our esteemed Emperor and the staff and inform him that we appear to be surrounded, and get some men out there to confirm the dispositions of the enemy South of us.” The aides face was ashen, he too felt the ground vibrating from the hooves. Where had this many horse come from?

Kollowrath took a deep breath and wondered if he was indeed surrounded and separated from his Left Wing? Should his men carry forward towards their objective or hold Pratzen?

If they stay here the expose the Left Wings flank , if they carry forward his troops will be caught in the open by what sounds like 200,000 Chasseurs. Surely the fog was playing tricks on him!? The French Cavalry was supposed to be in disarray, a beaten unfed, tired force. The hooves he felt shaking the ground suggested otherwise.

In the distance near Solkonitz he could hear the thunder and report of cannon fire. The battle to his South had commenced as planned.

Langaron was a good general and he had faith that his men would crush LeGrand easily. However if he failed to push on from Pratzen (he had already delayed too long) then he ran the risk of  exposing Langarons right to what ever was south of him in Pratzen. Kollowrath wished for more time, the dissipation of the fog and better information.

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