Austerlitz 0800 HR Poll

After a bruising turn the Allies are in potential danger.

Opening up the turn for the Allies lets review quickly where we are. The Battle of Austerlitz was predicated upon a ridiculously complex  set of orders for the Russo-Austrian alliance, further hampered by ego.

YOU as General have no such issues but your Generals capabilities to react to change are stretched. Plus under the Napoleon Battles System from The Gamers you have some special rules for Buxhowden etc.

Think of all of them as limits to flexibility, so simple is best.

Now, The French appear to be massed in the center of the field, upwards of 3 Corps. The Russian Imperial Guard, cannot take them alone, I dont think, happy for me to be proven wrong.

Most of Kollowraths forces are likely to be eliminated or routed within an hour. Without sharing the planof the French, it is likely that they will pursue the routed units off board if possible. Thier Left is an unknown at the moment , a series of  hidden marker counters.

Your reinforcements come next turn (Right Wing Units).  Buxhowden and his forces are clearing Telnitz area well. But have too many forces likely.

However the French III Corp ( I need to check that) are arriving this turn to support that side of the battle field.

So some choices are here for you armchair generals.

Can Buxhowden drop a formation off (i.e. the units moving to attack the Pheasant Garden) area to support Kollowrath?

Or if they drop should they screen the Cavalry preparing to thunder down Pratzen Hill?

Should the Imperial Guard now activate and at least move into position to fight? Last Poll all of you said no….

Kollowrath is surrounded, he dropped orders, can he attack out? What do you want to try and do? Comments please.

Over with the drunk Buxhowden….what is the plan?

Voting closes Saturday AM. Please vote asap, I really want to keep the Play by Poll series moving.

Next up C.V.


10 thoughts on “Austerlitz 0800 HR Poll

  1. I don’t see that sending fragments of Buxhowden to get eaten up on Pratzen helps a lot, so keep eating up III Corps. If IG can’t match the center corps, then no sense in putting it in there. What’s up on the north wing? Maybe IG can go eat those guys up on the road in conjunction with the right wing.

    Are there some guns about?

    • good observations. IG has all the guns….. Bux has some. But as you rightly state he will soon have his hands full.

      More pictures?
      What would help making choices?

      • Possibly with some annotations, like the last pic has. where Guns are, Cav,etc.

        But I don’t see any good way to repair the hole in the ‘line’, but the French are also broken into three parts too.

    • oh and on the left side of the map – the Allied reinforcements enter in a turn or 2. They face an undetermined foes as yet. I will post up a picture with Corp locations as known so far. That might help voters.

      • Along that road down the left edge … if they come in quickly, that force looks pretty isolated at the moment. Cannons might help keep the French from linking back up easily.

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