Assessing the Russian Defense Options [Stalingrad AH] p3

Part 3 Defending Mother Russia

Even MIT got in on the act and were vocal statistical assessment players.


Plan Leningrad:

Representative no doubt of finish the Finns First. The FFF plan as I like to call it.



Rob: Take Warsaw. A somewhat bold plan, to be proactive against the German onslaught. How is this played the first few turns I wonder?
Will it appear in the tournament?


Interesting placement here, with the Russians leveraging terrain to hold the Axis attack.

4 thoughts on “Assessing the Russian Defense Options [Stalingrad AH] p3

  1. On the SiraUSA defense, are the units on the 18 file where they should be? They look as though they should be displaced a square — this is Stalingrad, they are called “squares” — to the northwest.

    “Take Warsaw” sounds optimistic. The attack will contend with Germans on Y15, Z14, AA13, BB13, and depending on the obvious 1-2 perhaps CC13, and Germans looking forward to heavy combat in the open early on. However, I have seen the Germans lose 203 combat factors (counting units pinned and attacking at 1-3 or less with no retreat or other options) in two turns, seen the Russians have a fair number of units trapped in a bag large enough they could move about (OK, they likely did not expect the German armoured group to attack south across the Pripyat deep into the marsh), so take Warsaw could work.

    However, I should prefer to be playing against such an attack rather than trying to make it work.

    • Thanks for your Note George. Good points, I’m new to Stalingrad, so I will defer to your expertise. These are more for folks like me who may be new to the game and had not seen these previously played setups . I wonder myself at some of them. But many people appear to have put like yourself a lot of thought into the odds, and the chances of success.

      Best Regards Kevin

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