Assessing Maximum Supply for the Axis in DAK2

Subject: Looking at shipping supply again – Max capacity for Axis.

From September thru the End of Dec, I wanted to do a check on how much SP I was going to be able be bringing is as it seemed excessive, here is my SP Math!!

Firstly per the rules: If I have ONE Inter Coastal Capacity (ICC) and I move 2T from Tripoli to Tobruk does that use 2t or 4 t of capacity? i.e. 2t ICC out and 2 ICC in? I will play it as a 2T cost.

So help me gut check:

Med Shipping Available Per turn
Sep Oct Nov Dec
2sp. 1sp. 2sp. 2sp.

All the Med shipping goes to Tripoli.
Tripoli has max port cap of 6SP a turn. So by bringing in Med Shipping the amount available for Inter Coastal is reduced to:
4 5 4 4 per turn i.e. 6-2=4 etc in Sept..

Inter Coastal shipping has a variable availability also. It is nearly always less than Tripolis capacity in early game by looks of it.

Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
3sp 1sp 2sp 2sp

Trip. Cap Net of Med:          4 5 4 4 
Inter Coastal Cap available:3 1 2 2

So we can ship FROM Tripoli TO: coastal towns: Tobruk, Benghazi, Bardia etc the full ICC amount above each turn in the given month, subject to their limits.
[EDIT: September is 6 turns not 9 as we start on the 12th.]
9×3 = 27 SP 18SP
9×1 = 9
9×2 =18
9×2 =18

72 63 SP -Less Replacements/reinforcements & Malta(Dec ’40) that you may want to ship, and reductions force by the tables & hedgehog builds. Plus 14.5 SP landing in Benghazi environs over that period.

THAT seems like a LOT of Supply for an itty bitty army.

So then I checked if the minor Ports can handle bringing that much supply?

Port Capacity of all available ‘major’ towns:
Ben. 6t
Tob. 4t
Bar. 2t
Sar. 2t
14t a turn 3 SP and 2t. So yes they can.

How would this play then?

x? SP in Tobruk by end of December.
x? SP split between Bardia and Sollum.

Hmm how many Hedgehogs would be built and where! Darn.

The rest I guess split between Benghazi and some other smaller ports to the South where I would want a store for on coming trucked resources I imagine.

For those reading this and shaking their heads as to WHY you would want to do this, well once you work it out ONE time, its done and the logistical planning, a core part of a Armies ability to execute is in place for a period of time.

Then you can get down to the business of fighting the war.

For those of you that worked this out or have a different answer, why have you not posted it for us noobies!!!!!! cry

oh… and then we need to start rolling for shipping losses in December. BLARGH!!!!

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  1. I’m pretty sure that as with aircraft, you can do 2T out and 2T in with your cap. So you could put in 2T of supplies and return 2T of units to Tripoli all in one 2T. You just can’t move 4T one way.

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