Assault Turn 6

A couple images showing some interesting combat results. First one is on the southern board edge during Soviet Turn 6 airmobile reaction phase. The German F-4G comes in again, but this time the T-80s are ready and one of them shoots the Phantom down with SCAP fire. We realized that anti-aircraft fire is governed by op-fire rules, so within 4 hexes the non-moving player can fire as soon as a target is spotted. In this case NATO gets a little consolation when the damaged F-4 crashes into a hex with an OP/Truck, eliminating them both the hard way. A Hollywood-type result, but pretty cool as well.

The second image is from Soviet Turn 7 1st movement phase. David has counter-marched the 2nd T-80 battalion and is lining it up to attack the town of Nuenbach in the center, held by a couple platoons of German mech infantry with a platoon of tanks in support. David tries to “bum rush” the Leopard 2 platoon with a full company of T-80s attacking in column. While the Leopard platoon does eliminate the first two T-80 platoons with op-fire, he then runs out of ROF for the 3rd platoon coming in. However, he has two platoons of German infantry in range to provide support fire, so when the T-80s enter the Leopard 2’s hex, the German infantry eliminate it with some lucky missile shots. I show this little battle to illustrate two interesting rules. The first one is that a given company only has to check morale once per movement phase, no matter how many times it is fired on. In this case the Soviet tank company passes the first morale check from the Leopard 2’s op-fire shots and then doesn’t have to take more morale checks as he tries to rush other platoons of the same company into the hex for a close assault. Also, there is no restriction on firing at an enemy unit in the same hex as a friendly unit, so the German infantry is able to provide op-fire cover shots in the Leopard’s hex and eliminate the 3rd T-80 platoon before it gets a chance to close assault at the end of the movement phase.

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