ASLSK Replay – Clearing Colleville Turn 3-4

Turn 3

The Americans complete their drive into the Western half of the village and also enter the northern part across the road with a small spearhead. It will be necessary to establish a strong fire base before attacking the German position, but the clock is ticking and there is no time to lose. Several broken units in the Northeast will have to stay behind.

End of American Turn 3

The Germans combine their fire from 3 hexes M4, L3 and K4, laying a strong fire into M6 and manage to break the American 9-2 leader Capt. Dunn. His accompanying troops break under fire or are pinned by the Leader Loss Task Check. This puts a check on the initial American advance towards the Southeast. However, their return fire from P5 manages to break the German 8-1 leader and one squad in M4. A squad in I4 moves to reinforce I3.

End of German Turn 3

Turn 4

The Americans realise that there is little time left and they need to push across the road towards the eastern victory buildings. Captain Dunn in N6 fails to rally himself and his troops remain out of action. However, some good shooting in the Prep Fire from the squad in M6 manages to break two German squads in L3 although their leader bravely holds on to his position. This weakens the German left flank and an attempt is made to cross the road. Smoke is laid in N4 and units advance under cover but not without some troops breaking from the heavy German defensive fire.

In the meantime the Americans in the North and East push towards the German Eastern defences, with one group working around the far flank in an attempt to draw fire away from the main assault in the West.

End of American Turn 4

The Germans feel the pressure but are not yet beaten. Col. Lorenz finally steps up to the plate, manages to rally one broken squad in K2 and grabs hold of the HMG. On the other side the US 9-2 Leader Captain Dunn fails to rally himself for the second time in a row!

The troops in J4 exchange some shots with the Americans in H3 without much effect. The Germans in K4 face a difficult decision – stay where they are and risk some very heavy American Defensive Fire from O5, or skulk to K3 under Defensive First Fire from M6. They opt for the latter and survive, in fact during their Adv. Fire Phase they manage to break their opponents!

End of German Turn 4

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