ASLSK Replay – Clearing Colleville Turn 2

Turn 2

The American stack in O10 lays a withering fire into O6 and eliminates the German squad. More American reinforcements enter in the Northeast and work their way through the woods towards the German defences in L7 and K8. A heavy firefight breaks out and effective German defensive fire eliminates 2 half-squads, breaks another 2 and pins one more! Even so, American numerical superiority counts and they dislodge the German squad in K8. The US fire groups in U6 and O10 make a move in the Advance Phase, closing in on the village.

End of American Turn 2

In the German Turn 2 the squad in M4 rallies and breaks the American spearhead half squad in M6 whilst the Americans regroup in the woods around J9. Seeing that the US fire group from U6 is moving around the North towards the village, the Germans move up their HMG from its original position into the southern victory buildings. The 6+1 Colonel though retreats across the road to the South and takes up a position in the rear – it will turn out that this move probably saves the day!

German reinforcements move up quickly from hexes I1 and G1 to occupy the southern buildings in the village. They now have a formidable position centered on victory buildings M4, L3 and K4. The Northern perimeter defense collapses as the German squad in L7 tries to escape via M7, where they are mowed down by withering fire from O7. In hindsight they probably should have stayed in L7 to try and fight it out, delaying the Americans a bit more if possible.

End of German Turn 2

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