As Good As They Got

As good as they got.. what is cool about this scenario?

  1. 6 maps
  2. 9 turns
  3. interesting force mix
  4. challenging terrain
  5. multiple options for both sides to consider
  6. high speed vehicles

I wont labor the point on this one and I will say at the outset that my lens was smudged for most of the images taken. Sorry.

This feels like a recon heavy mixed force company for the French. 4 French Tanks (AMX 30’s) the B2 variety. so good guns, thin-ish armor and good speed. Paired with 6 VAB kind of an all purpose French M113, wheeled vehicle with MG’s and an ATGM on one (which cannot transport).  The VAB was a 4 wheeled vehicle, about 20 feet long with a stubby non Gallic nose, and a flattop roof, that could carry 10. It was a multi purpose platform, that could be up armed with multiple weapons platforms. The French infantry consist of  6 squads plus some goodies and 2 leaders.

The Soviets have shaken units in a town with the terrain layer popped over it to make a single hex crossing choke point. The Political Officer must revive his men!


A force of T64’s *3, a BRDM, a BTR and a truck with 8 squads must make their way either on foot via a ford or traverse 2.5 maps to reinforce the town.

A small screening force with a PT76 and 3 squads stand between the French and the town.

The French use overwatch movement or Assault Movement to cover the Soviet approach

End Turn 1 :

The French move cautiously expecting the Soviets to try and barrel to the defense. He however does not. Instead the French now are in the firing line next turn…poop.

The Soviets move the screening force to block the road. The French scream to VABs past to the town edge. Looking good. Next turn we can begin the approach. Remember that the Soviets are all shaken with just a Political Officer to recover them. Well one unit is not shaken and it has a PKM MG!

End Turn 2:

Turn 2 heats up and after some cat and mouse movement by both parties there are some flaming wrecks on the field. The T’s just pound the ever living crap out of the French AMX 30’s, we both play the cat and mouse game of moving units to absorb Opportunity fire so that key units can go un obstructed. Some folks have an issue with this. But I dont. I know a Tank can fire more than once is a 2-4 minute cycle. But I see a “activation” as more than one shot. I think of it as a series of rounds that were fired to take out a target. So focusing on more than one target at a time in a short time frame is challenging to say the least.

This T-64 has a Songster ATGM as well as a main gun, the Soviets make short work of one AMX 30. Although these 64’s dont thank goodness.

As we can see The VABs unload. fearing a RPG shot from the units in town. But did the French player check to see if the RPG was un shaken? NO! So they could have ramped it across the bridge to the rear of town and started taking town hexes on Turn2!! BIG mistake. Meanwhile the French and Soviets mix it up mid field. and Soviet reinforcements hoof it up the road at the top of the image. The good news is however that the Political Officer pushes his luck and tries to really a reluctant unit. They revolt and shoot him. Finally some luck for the French.

Turn 3 :

Although it takes 3 shots from the AMX 30 on the bottom right of the image, he wipes out two tanks. Another AMX squishes a squad with an RPG that had moved, and clears the way for an end around run to head to support the French who are bogged down at the bridge. I try to sucker the Soviet into shooting at my VAB on the bridge to add some cover for the French….no luck. The Soviet player ‘blocks’ the road with a vehicle on the left, cutting of reinforcement. But my trusty HOT VAB will sort him out next turn I hope! The Soviets shake the VAB with squad in it…sigh.

Turn 4:

Whoosh up goes the PT76. With a penetration of an insane 20 the ATGM melts the thin skinned Soviet vehicle. Which had recently toasted the 2nd last tank of the French. The AMX 30 rolls into town looking for trouble. The French are all hung up on a bridge crossing they need not have done.  A Hero spawns and moves wounded across the bridge and tries to gather VPS.

Turn 5:

The Wounder hero does his thing, but is harrased along the way by fire, and the VAB is now in town. Note that the French player is trying to load squads into the VAB with the ATGM….it has no carry capacity. Another HUGE error. There are 3 different types (at least) of VAB. I must say that is really fucking annoying to keep track of. That is likely the game losing faux pas for the French. All of the Soviets are now crowding the approach and chewing up French squads faster than they can be rallied.

Turn 6

The Tank closes, misses with 3 SHOTS ……WTF….. The French forces in town have no where to go, and are still taking fire.

Turn 7

The dumb French leader moves BACK to where he was, and the AMX shakes on fireteam covering the bridge.  Each hex has to be touched by a French squad….it may be too late!

On Turn 7 we agree that if the fire at the other covering squad fails its game over for the French, that fire fails and the French concede.  the Soviets in the end win handily. In hindsight this was very poorly played by the French, with mis managment of units versus a competent player that cost too many losses too soon. Then not using units correctly or keeping forces in OW just blew the French chances.

DESPITE all this, WOW. What a fab scenario. I cannot wait to play it again.

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