Arty vs Rockets in 1942 Eastern Front

So I think we all “know” rockets are not the preferred Shell of choice.

Katy Rocket Launcher vehicle (source )

I am interested in doing some more reading on Arty capabilities in 1942 of the Soviets.  They feel woefully under weaponed (new word).

I know they had the Katy’s and 122mm Howitzers, 152mm (see at end of post) now thats a Cannon!

76 mm

Plus the hapless 76mm above. Not a bad arsenal.  Most of the heavy caliber arty must have been allocated for this offensive to other areas, or perhaps the pieces were not available in quantity by Nov 1942?

In playing GD ’42,  a Tactical Combat system game from Gamers/MMP I’m staring in the face the attrition nature of combat. I’m looking for weapons that inflict catastrophic losses. Where are my nukes baby!

122 MM Soviet guns (source )

Long battles are fine, tactical level is superb. Morale Checking a unit out of existance is not going to be fun. 1 step at a time is not much better.

152mm Soviet Gun (source

Take a look at this table:

0720 Soviet Rockets and 0700/0720 Axis Arty (150's and 105's.

I clearly need these:

Clearly the negative DRMs killed the rocket attacks. What would the results have been?

Glad you asked:

No DRMs for Rockets!

The Soviet goes from 8 MC’s (2 Paralyzing Results) and 2steps damage with 3 no effects to 5 Steps of damage inflicted (about 60 men?), 0 no effects and 10 Morale Checks.  Meh… Better but really?

I’ll post this now.  However I will update shortly with the second turn of Rocket Attacks. Which only has one unit firing not 2 this time.

Perhaps another approach to this system of  simulation is to hold off on attacking, for the ‘best’ shot’ Once good units or average units star losing entire platoons, their Morale weakens rapidly, and recovers fairly slowly.  Perhaps that is an approach for the Russians to try.

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