Arty in Le Bat. Reglement des Marie-Louise


With the arty chit pulled on the 2nd turn in our short assault scenario, the French mass fire upon the prone 60th foot skirmisher unit.
Using for batteries, to achieve a 2.5:1 attack they fire away.
44 factors v 16. The French roll a 42 earning a step loss. This may take awhile.
The combat lookups will take a little getting used to, but each table packs a lot of good data in to each easy to read tables. 3 tables are used to resolve each fire. The fire effects, fire defense and fire chart.

One thought on “Arty in Le Bat. Reglement des Marie-Louise

  1. Nice. I really like LaBat. By leaving the artillery alone in the hex without infantry, you do make them vulnerable to losses from fire and their melee value is really bad. Once you graduate to the Regs, I think it becomes harder to combine artillery fire from different hexes.

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