Army of Shadows

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Quick notes. Insurgents v the State in abstraction.

2 pages of rules.

20-30 minutes play time.

Thought provoking, hidden game play (use a box lid between players), this game captures my attention and rammed home both obvious and subtle points about the challenges both sides face when attempting to ‘win’ an unbalanced war.

Army of Shadows Dead Pile

Army of Shadows Dead Pile

In this 2nd play the State won by isolating the last 4 units from making a ‘string’ around the capital. You will understand how to play and what I mean when you watch the game play video.

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I highly recommend playing this light little gem. A great travelers game, excellent filler title and should be able to be learned in 5 minutes. Comes free in Yaah! Edition # 2. Yaah! # 2 is packed with goodies. Look for a quick overview vid on that also shortly.

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