Ares Magazine #1, 2014

Ares2014-08-01 09.55.21

Quality paper, a little sheen, full page image headers.

2014-08-01 09.55.58

Quality stories that are solid but not brilliant so far. Look forward to reading them all.
2014-08-01 09.55.45

One of the worlds most prolific Sci Fie writers chips in…2014-08-01 09.56.28Comes with a game. Which I hope to squeeze a quick run thru of in shortly.

Given the era and theme the map is sad, but the counters are entertaining and the rules ‘appear’ crisp.

I imagine the cost for better or more evocative art on the map was prohibitive, but it lets down what might be an engaging titles with art akin to that horrid little Richard Berg title  Sulieman from ATO with the worlds worst map art. This map is by far and away NOT that bad, but not what one would expect for  the War of the Worlds period.


2 thoughts on “Ares Magazine #1, 2014

  1. “…with the worlds worst map art.”
    Sounds like good theme for voting. I vote for Suleiman too (alas! The Golden Horde by ATO Magazine and Iron Cross by S&T Magazine lost in my inner struggle for the prize).

  2. I just got mine in the mail too, hopefully can check it out this weekend. Thanks for the preview.

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