Area Map Creation

A few days ago I mentioned how important areas are to area based maps.

In fact I wondered aloud did researchers and designers use the historic flow of the battle or just terrain or…? In order to determine where the areas should touch, penetrate to and provide access to.


Lo and behold game artist Ania share the image below. Part of her process of map creation, it will be interesting to follow along and see how the map evolves.


Be sure to check in and follow her progress @ Ania’s Facebook page . This map will be for  “Green Beret – war in the Central Highlands 1964-1965” game designed by Brian Train and to be published by One Small Step Games. 

Yes, the same people that did that War of the Worlds thing.

Lets stay positive!

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  1. Hey! Kevin, see my earlier response to your original comments on area games. Check out also Bowen Simmon’s acclaimed area war games.

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