Arctic Storm Turn 8 & 9

Start Turn 8

Random Event: Frost bite each side takes losses. Finns 1, Soviets 2

3:1 +3 shifts, at Taipale 6:1 + 4 air points, Finns use 2 net 8:1 , ends up being a 1/1 result and the Finns shrug off the first loss due to the fortress. Here is the rub with this CRT. It is very, very hard to nail down the Finns and eliminate a unit for good. Even with a seemingly overwhelming attack into a fort at 8:1, they barely dint the Finns.

13v7 = 1:1 Leader and HQ shifts keep it at 1:1, then the Soviets put 4 air in, raising odds to 5:1. They force the Finns to retreat. In their turn, they will now need to rebuild the line.

They retreat and live to harass another day. In the Finn turn they seek to cut supply to units in the North. They then re dress the lines and attempt to block the hole that is growing near Nurmes, and the area North towards Suomussalmi .

Turn 9

Random Event: 11 US Aid! +1 RP per turn.

The Soviets struggle with Lines of Communication and Partisan inflicted OOS issues.

In a similar attack a Partisan battalion knocks a step out of a full division. This seems a bit unrealistic. Minor attacks near Lendery force the Finns to fall back. The big attack for the turn is West of Homantsi

This was a disaster for the Soviets. A huge push and their boys lose a step and bounce back 1 hex, at 3:1 odds.

Situation at the end of Turn 9.

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