Arctic Storm Part 2

Turn 10

The Finns earn an extra RP this turn due to a supply convoy.

The Soviets have 66 VP. They are now to lose 3 VP a turn! Over the course of the next and final 8 turns we can reduce the margin of victory from Decisive to Substantial, but only if we don’t lose any more cities or towns and the Soviets don’t take any replacements. Each RP costs them a VP. – NOT 1 STEP BACK!

Current losses of VPs – 17 , plus – 20 VPs for step losses at the current rate. This is a a bit of a beat down for the Soviet, as he loses a VP for using a RP to regain a reduced unit….either way you lose 1 VP.

There is a theory that Soviets can sit on their hands and do nothing and win. This is false. Yet another myth from the ‘Golden Age’ of war gaming, along with the pasta rule from Campaign for North Afrika. Sometimes I fear that maligning games in magazines was a means of punishing designers, or publishers or maybe even innovators. While there are problems with this title they are not horrible problems.

Back to the VP situation – The reason the Soviets cannot sit on their hands and NOT invade Finland is due to the reduction of VP’s per turn of three and the 20 VP malus at the end of game when the muddy season starts. These accumulated points mean a Finnish marginal win is inevitable. Thus they have to take on the Finns or the Finns can launch an assault and earn VPs if they so wish.

Part of this game is a bit of gamesmanship, shuffling the top unit around, to encourage an attack that might have a high defence value unit…or tricking the Soviet and scaring him into to thinking it’s a trap…Taking a chance then to sneak a unit away and reinforce a weaker area.

Soviet movement and combat on Turn 10

Soviet increased commitment! 2 extra RPs. Total VP is now down to 63 @ the start of Turn 11. After using 6 RP’s he is now down to 57 VP’s.

Turn 12

54VP for Soviets. -1 for declined Diplomacy. – 2 x2 Motti markers and finally -2 for RP usage. Down to 49 VP.

The Event delivers:

The Swedish Volunteer Brigade arrives! These will come in handy filling in near the center of the map.

We reduce Soviets another 2 VPs for the Mottis.

The Big picture for the start of the turn.

With an increased sense of urgency, the Soviet commander races units to the front, refills the ranks and prepares for what seems to be an all out assault on all fronts!

Soviet Attacks:

The Sissi fulfil their obligations, and die doing it.

We correctly anticipate the Soviet attacks.

And in the Finnish game turn we assess where the attacks are likely in Turn 13.

So we move the Leaders to the high threat locations.

It is at this point that the Soviet player concedes. He does not think he can garner any more VPs and his units are becoming more brittle. He faces losing another 32 points causing a Marginal Finnish Victory at best for the Soviets. I say never look a victory given askance, and I graciously accept his capitulation.

Do yourself a favour, grab this game 2nd hand from some unsuspecting knuckle head who thinks its trite or weak or bad for a song and go play. I promise you will have a good time, you will also experience some of the choices faced by each side.

Well Done!

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