Another LNL acolyte


Last night I taught an ASL player the sweet simplicity of LNL.

2014-08-07 18.07.41

He fell into the pattern of building a firebase stack with all the MArines and M60 in one hex, which worked well. Was a tad frustrated with the spotting in the specific scenario, and understood the sacrificial nature of adjacency and movement in the open.

Of the three people taught in the last 7 days he took the longest to complete the mission but only lost one squad doing so!

2014-08-07 18.17.02


In this building control scenario I made a run for one of his buildings late game, where his shaken units were recovering. But a solid shot for a just recovered  squad made a mess of the VC sneak attack.

River of PErfume gives you the challenge of using all the mechanics of LNL to win.  Closing to combat, pinning, melee and concentrated fire.

Fun stuff. Thanks for Playing Charles.


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