Announcing the First Annual Big Board Game Con!


Join me and several hundred of the most fun, and personable wargamers out there! June 18-24th 2017. Help me celebrate with you the anniversary of starting the Big Board all those posts ago.


The Big Board has been an icon in board wargame blogging..oh… for oh… moments.

We(collectively yes we) want to take advantage of that and give something back to the community.

So we have arranged for a vacation con. Pack your bags, book your hookers and pack your blow. Then load those packing cases with your monster games!

One full week at the lovely Pattaya Resort.

The first 10 Reservations pay just $300 for the full week including all meals and accommodations !

Plus airfare, air conditioning, sheets, towels and pillows.



All rooms are junior suites because you sir deserve it! Use promo code #4-1-17


You can try local delicacies:



Our very own favourite fan Tyler Roush has been on location in Thailand sorting out THE best location with ALL the amenities, you know what I mean guys?! -He is doing this for YOU!

Wait til you see the game room arena!

Huge game rooms with fans! Stacked with the charming and meek Thai service personnel there to cater to your every whim. Want your dice rolled? You got it? Want your dice tossed, they have it covered.

Whatever the HELL you want RIGHT in the Main room.

Food cooked at the table by our own especially selected Street vendors!


Want a Thai Massage (special oils used guaranteed not to stain game pieces)? No problem. This too can be had while you read the latest errata.


Other services? Yep its all there.



This Chumei, she is the head of Cultural Exchange for the Pattaya.

Check out this beach where you can exercise daily in between savaging your opponents.


Small boy like men and other distractions not included. But that is not all folks.

The Game bag, comes with information brochures on the best way to avoid diseases of all types. Free caffeine pills, free samples of these blue pills that help any of you with Low T.

But wait there is more! The Big Board T-Shirt Free! sizes L, XL, XXL, and XXXL available, small available for a $10 shrink fee.



So sign up now and do miss an adventure of a life time. Books close Noon April First 2017.



11 thoughts on “Announcing the First Annual Big Board Game Con!

  1. How the hell am I supposed to be able to get away for a game con that ends in Christmas Eve? You trying to get me divorced?

    And Thailand? Couldn’t you find someplace closer like, well, uhh, Brazil or something? I mean if your gonna go all out on hosting your first con you have to think of the little people……

  2. A truly amusing come on. My regrets that I will not be attending, but good luck. Thailand looks amazing.


  3. It’s not dice and counters I’m worried about sharing, BUT, as TBB’s Cultural Attache and speaker of at least five Thai phrases ( highlights include ” Large Chang Beer,” “tuk-tuk to hotel?” and “not TOO hard, mamasan”, OF COURSE I’ll be there. I do expect a percentage on the action, though. And you won’t want to miss my How to Spot a Lady, Boy seminar (an AAC joint). Good seats still available!

  4. I’m booking now as Malaysian Airways has a sale on that offers free tickets for two of eacg passenger’s loved ones if the flight disappears. Too good to pass up.

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