Ambush Play #2 Day of Heroes

Swapping sides we reset for another rapid fire 3 turn game. This time the Pakis elect to hold their positions. And kill as much as they can as fast as they can. Quite possibly the first mistake.

Melee in the first turn removes the enemy from a highly protective building location.

The squads light up all that moves! The challenge is that the Pakis can only really lose 2 units (including the MG, so 2 counters!), otherwise it is a Somali victory.



The Somalis close in, to shoot from adjacent hexes to mitigate their crappy fire power and range.


The Somalis make their morale check prior to the Melee and then go on and win a low odds contest. The Somalis surround units and pour on fire, they need one more kill to lock the game.

Paki fire is ineffective for the most part. But not so the Somalis who hit home.


Another win for the Skinnies.

Perhaps the plan must be to make a run for it for the Paks?

What have you seen?

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